Autumn in Lika

In October (most often over the first weekend in October), at the Gospić Sports Hall, on the Trg Stjepana Radića square (duration: 2 days)

This is a traditional economic and cultural-artistic exhibition that, through the efforts of presenters and organizers, reinforces a positive attitude towards preserving the tradition, customs, and cultural heritage of our region, which, with their beauty and diversity, make us recognizable inhabitants of Lika.

In the course of the exhibition, visitors are presented with the production capabilities of small farms, small businesses, and all those who produce various food, utility, and decorative items, thus preserving the tradition of their region.

This international exhibition also includes presentations of the traditional manner of manufacturing certain items: the bukara (traditional wooden container) and the tamburica (a musical instrument similar to the mandolin), basket weaving, wicker brooms, spinning yarn, making items out of clay, etc.

Finally, the exhibition also includes performances from cultural and artistic associations, which provides visitors with an authentic experience of folk songs and dances.