Horseback riding at the Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch

 Welcome to the Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch, an intimate and luxurious retreat on the mountain of Velebit, among the unspoiled nature that is protected by UNESCO. Our ranch is a first-class horseback riding destination in Croatia, of interest to all those in search of an environmentally-friendly holiday destination.

We are extremely proud of our herd of horses, which is one of the best in Croatia, and is part of our colorful ranch. This is not exactly a common phenomenon, nor is it simple, but it is possible in large part thanks to the fact that we handle the entire horse program by ourselves.

For those who are looking for a single-day adventure, we have prepared a custom-tailored program, offering six main activities, or trips. The two-hour ride, the full-day ride, and the carriage ride will allow you to experience the basics ofhorseback riding, and together with options of hiking, canoeing, and driving in a jeep will show you some of the hidden natural riches and wonders of the region of Velebit.   Besides the single-day trips, we also offer multi-day trip programs, ranging from simple horseback riding to the ultimate cowboy adventure, which will allow you to experience the authentic cowboy way of life.

  The Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is the perfect place for those who are looking for a completely different kind of holiday, in the relaxed ambiance of an authentic, intimate environment, where you will soon feel right at home. The characteristic accommodations include rooms, apartments, chalets, and authentic cowboy tepees. All types of accommodation offer comfortable, soft beds, private bathrooms (the tepees have separate bathrooms), porches, and a view of the mountain. he interior decoration is adapted to the highest possible standard of ranch life, with amenities and attractions that allow guests to relax after an active day spent u horseback riding i and having adventures in the wild. Our Studio, Saloon, and Secret Garden, with their spacious interiors and exteriors, offer guests a place to rest and relax after their activities and excitements.